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Portfolio will improve the cumbersome process of researching, evaluating, and selecting vendors for your IT Infrastructure. Together, we shift the focus from commodity infrastructure toward supporting enterprise applications that deliver revenue.

Portfolio has helped over 1,000 companies become more efficient by reducing cost, consolidating vendors, and providing a dedicated support team to decrease the burden of vendor management. Furthermore, our services are delivered at no charge minimizing the risk to you.

We translate between business leaders and service provider architects and provide a clear understanding of business drivers.


Vendors typically pay sales representatives to sell their products.  With an agency model like Portfolio, the vendor pays Portfolio to sell their products instead.  A major advantage to working with Portfolio is that we represent hundreds of vendors and are agnostic to vendor or solution. Portfolio is best positioned to combine different vendors and solutions to most closely meet your needs.

  • Portfolio works for your company, not the vendor. We are only incentivized by what’s best to achieve your business objectives.
  • Customers can terminate their relationship with Portfolio at any time, for any reason. That means we work hard every day to earn your business.
  • Representing hundreds of providers allows us to deliver the most competitive solutions both technically and economically. Customers get the best solutions at the most competitive rates.

Net Results

Decide faster, buy better