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Infrastructure Optimization


The customer’s environment consisted of 17 voice and data providers, 5 disparate phone systems and aging hardware that was 10 years or older (routing, switching, and telephony platform). In addition, the IT helpdesk had difficulty supporting an environment with such inconsistent hardware and too many vendors across their 35 office locations.   Beyond having a challenging environment to support, the customer also lacked the resources to identify and effectively manage all of the changes necessary to service their environment.
The customer engaged Portfolio for a systematic review of all vendors for the purpose of cost reduction, consolidation, and service improvement. The goal was to have the largest impact without disrupting the lines of business and minimizing internal staff utilization. Portfolio anonymously benchmarked six (6) vendors to replace the WAN and four 4 vendors to replace the voice system. The customer eventually elected to standardize all offices on one internet provider and one voice provider, saving enough money to fully fund both voice, routing, and switching environments. After funding the new hardware the total cost savings was still over 35%.
  • Reduced the cost of all Voice and Data services by 38%
  • Increased the overall bandwidth at every location by an average of 5x
  • Fully funded a voice refresh and outsourced voice support
  • Fully funded a new routing, switching, and wireless environment
  • Consolidated vendors down from 17 to 5
  • Provided project management for all move/add/change