John Kaiser

As a business consultant first and foremost, John builds value by developing cutting edge IT strategies that help drive business objectives. He is particularly adept at developing complex, multi-vendor strategies using applications & technologies to transform IT. By leveraging the latest technologies, John’s goal is to help customers become the disruptors and innovators in their space.

John has served in a wide variety of companies in the cloud services & software space, proving successful with companies ranging from startups, to mid-market, to Fortune 100. He currently serves as a Software Defined Infrastructure Specialist with VMware, helping enterprise customers transform IT into a strategic differentiator. He also serves as an independent Business Solutions Consultant for Portfolio Services, helping customers develop, deploy, and operationalize comprehensive technology strategies.

John tries to anticipate the future of technology consumption by understanding the factors affecting application architecture and development, as well as end user trends. Areas of interest include distributed systems, microservices, big data, IoT, and the evolving model of dev/ops.