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Expense Management

Leadership expects more savings with less resources.  How do you deliver tangible, hard cost, savings to the business?

Savings can be realized in two ways; benchmarking to assess what savings can be achieved by consuming existing services at current market rates and by validating existing costs relative to the contracted rates.

Expense Management vendors have priced their solutions so that the resulting savings more than pays for the solution cost.


  • Engage an experienced infrastructure broker
  • Develop a factual basis for driving change
  • Identify and realize greater values and operational savings through collaboration

Expense Management
Having a clear, current, look into all of your Connectivity, Cloud and Mobility usage and spend from all vendors, allows you to validate costs and make more informed decisions.

Understand your Cloud Spend

  • Pay lower rates for resources while ensuring your team is using what they purchase
  • Make cost efficient decisions by sharing cloud costs and usage data
  • Gain cost and usage visibility across multiple cloud accounts easily and securely, including; AWS, Azure, Rackspace

Leverage TEM to Yield Significant Benefits

  • Reduce and manage service delivery costs
  • Gain awareness of all circuits, from all vendors, via a single portal
  • Audit and validate all circuits relative to contracts and actual use
  • Benchmark your costs relative to current, available market costs
  • Simplify procurement & enforce compliance with defined fulfillment
  • Demonstrate the added value of IT
  • Confirm SLA Performance and measurement and view KPI’s

Realize 4 Essential WEM Advantages

  • Invoice Management – Load, validate, allocate/GL, and process carrier invoices
  • Dispute Management – Invoices are contrasted with your contracts to ensure correct rates
  • Use Management – Understand trends and make informed decisions
  • Plan Management – Ongoing optimization of all users against rate plans

Project Management

An acute understanding of vendor’s systems, processes, best practices, products, and effectively defining expectations across all stakeholders requires savvy, experienced talent.

  • Our 25 year tenured, dedicated PM staff will augment yours to help procure, implement, and manage new deployments, migrations, and moves
  • Our experienced staff can take command of a project and move it forward efficiently, saving time, costs, and frustration to deliver professional results backed up with comprehensive documentation