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Managed Applications


The IT Managers axiom, “The only thing I get from managing our email systems is the risk of getting fired when it doesn’t work.” Managed Application Services can help business remain on the cutting edge without diverting focus to areas that are not core to the business.

While many applications are offered with an opex model, few of them are managed offerings. Microsoft Office365 is a great example. While Office 365 offers all the capabilities customers are looking for, it’s still an unmanaged offering. Customers must have an administrator who can configure systems, manage access, and make choices that reflect best practices based on business outcomes.

Portfolio identify managed application solutions to address your most critical business requirements. Whether your business needs to fully outsource these solutions, or simply leverage some expertise to augment your own IT team, we can source a solution that’s guaranteed to deliver value.

The best managed/dedicated solutions

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Exchange

Managed Security

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft SQL

Microsoft Windows Desktop