We make things easy for you

We provide strategies to efficiently navigate the vendor ecosystem to find the vendors that match your business and infrastructure needs, negotiate your contracts, and ensure a smooth transition to the new vendors.

Partnering with us reduces the time necessary to gather and select quotes and solutions from vendors. Working with Portfolio will change your engagement with vendors from the existing cumbersome process to a simple six-step engagement.

Business Discussion

Our goal is to understand how your organization realizes revenue and how IT enables this realization. With this information, we can identify the tactical wins that will save costs and strategically support a more efficient infrastructure to increase top line revenue.

Needs Assessment

We assess your infrastructure to identify gaps with your current services, understand the vendor landscape, costs for each service, and learn about the company’s culture.


We facilitate consensus from business leaders and IT so that the solutions will meet their individual needs.

Research solutions and vendors

We leverage our industry knowledge to align your needs with vendors that best match them. We create a side by side vendor matrix to illustrate which proposals will clearly meet your needs with the best solution, price, and terms. We include a Total Cost of Ownership with each analysis to help you make an informed decision.

Refine solution and pricing from vendors

We help negotiate final pricing and redline MSA and SLA terms. This ensures our clients are fairly protected, saves our clients’ time and money, and validates due diligence.


We quarterback the transition. Coordinate all vendors with IT resources while project managing purchased services.